Thank You for taking the time to look at our Artwork and Tattoos.

Spenard Tattoo opened in 2012, and quickly became the cities most creative tattoo studio. 

With the increase of street shops opening, I have decided to transition into a Private, Appointment Only, Studio.  I prefer Quality over Quantity.  With the birth of my second child, my schedule will be downsized to only 3 days a week.  I will be focusing on projects that play to my artistic strengths.  Bold illustrative Tattoos.    

A lot of changes are going on in the tattoo world.  Technological advances with machines, needles, tubes, inks and Stencil printers.  Incorporating the computer (photography, Photoshop, Manga SP, Sketchbook Pro) has brought on huge advancements in what is possible to put into the skin.  My focus has always been to create custom, one of a kind tattoos.  Rendering a design from scratch. 

This move is to get away from being a human Zerox machine.  Tracing off popular designs from Pinterest and Google Images.  Too often people come in with photos of others people's tattoos and want an exact reproduction.  This is A:  not original.  B:  Unethical.  You are stealing someones art designed for their client.  C:  This does nothing to help me become a better artist.  Tracing someone else's hard work does not allow me to find my own solutions to creating that subject matter. 

Our Collectors have loved the new studio space.  Getting Tattooed in a private studio is a more comfortable atmosphere.  No distractions.  No Phone Calls.   No Tire kickers taking up your tattoo time or taking our attention away.  Mellow, Relaxing, and able to get more Quality Tattooing done Faster!! 


My goal-- foster a space for creativity, high standards and constant improvement. 

Surround myself with Creative People that are just as serious about making ART!!


Kevin Harden