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I started my Tattoo Apprenticeship with Temple Drake (Bremerton, Washington) in 1992.

27 Years later, I still love tattooing. Bio-Organic Designs has been my #1 focus for the last 4 years. ORGANICA=Free form, unpredictable and flowing designs. Organic forms and shapes, visually suggest the natural world of trees, animals, bones, plants, fungus, flowers, etc…

My overall style fits most closely into NEO-TRADITIONAL ILLUSTRATION. Built off the Solid Traditional Rules for successful tattooing. Yet, bringing in more refined illustration skills & modern tools.

I am always ready for new tattoo projects— tiny minimalist one color designs to full body parts.


Tattoo Consult- eMail


To set up a consultation; Fill out the info on this page.

A consultation gives us an opportunity to:

* Meet each other

* Figure out your Goals.

* Ask specific questions about your design choices

* Get a tracing of the body part (existing tattoos, scars, moles, etc..)

* Get a deposit

* Schedule the appointment.

  • All Appointments require a deposit.

  • Deposit is applied to the price of the tattoo.

  • It will go towards the FINAL appointment.

Deposits are **NON-REFUNDABLE**. 

It shows your commitment to starting

and more importantly- finishing your Tattoo Project.

I am focusing on clients that understand what I bring to the

table, art wise. 

I am dedicated to producing Quality Tattoos! 

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