Tattooing 27 Years. 1992-2018

Tattooing 27 Years. 1992-2018

Custom Tattoo Artist: Kevin Harden.  Tattooing since 1992.  Custom Tattoo Artist = You bring me your concepts and ideas and I'll translate them in to a tattoo design that follows these rules:

4 Second Rule--If they can't tell what it is in 4 seconds, You F*cked Up!!

Looks Great from 2 feet & 20 feet.

Looks Great for 2 weeks & 20 Years.

Design Flows with the Body, Muscle Groups.

Outlined in Black, Shaded in Black, so you don't have to come back!!

Specializing in

Illustrative Tattoos.
     Favorites Subject Matter:  

Bio-Organic-- Free Flowing Organic forms and shapes, visually suggest the natural world of bones, fungus, horns, antlers, trees, animals, plants, flowers, etc... designed to flow with the natural curves of the body.

Alaskan Tattoos-  Flowers (Fireweed, Forget me nots) Salmon (Fish), Octopus, Eagles, Skulls, bones, antlers, Mushrooms, mountains, trees...

Water Tattoos-- Finger waves, Octopus, rock fish, salmon, hammerhead shark, seashells, driftwood...

Jiu-Jitsu Themed Tattoos