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Kevin Harden & Seth Wild

To set up a consultation or any questions; Fill out the info on this page.

A consultation gives us an opportunity to meet each other, show off our work space, ask specific questions about your design choices, get a tracing of the body part (existing tattoos, scars, moles, etc..) get a deposit, and schedule the appointment.

All Appointments require a deposit. (Deposit is applied to the price of the tattoo.  It will go towards the FINAL appointment) 

Deposits are non refundable.  It shows your commitment to starting and more importantly--finishing your Tattoo Project.

We are focusing on clients that understand what we bring to the table, art wise.  A private Studio setting will allow us to spend more time drawing, creating tattoo designs that play to our artistic strengths, personal art projects, and experimenting with new art mediums (painting, sculpture, etc...)

We are dedicated to producing Quality Tattoos! 

Built to Last!!


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